”Working with clay is fun, surprising, experimental, evolving and limitless… I hope that my work reflects this.”

Rachel Fooks is a ceramicist who enjoys pushing her creative boundaries. Over the years she’s built a solid reputation for creating quality contemporary ceramics, and is recognised for regularly changing her style and creating exciting new bodies of work. The inspiration for her work comes from studying and juxtaposing the forms, patterns and textures found in the natural environment of Purbeck in Dorset, where she’s lived most of her life. Whilst her inspiration remains the same, everything she makes is a ‘one off’. To see some examples of Rachel’s latest ceramics, go to the ‘Out of the Depths’ Gallery page.

As well as creating her own work, Rachel also runs pottery classes at Furzebrook Studios (her pottery studio near Wareham in Dorset). The Weekly Pottery Classes offer the opportunity to get creative with clay in a friendly and relaxed environment and are suitable for all abilities. For those new to pottery, Rachel’s classes will provide the skills and knowledge needed to successfully work with clay, and for those who have used clay before, the opportunity to develop ideas and techniques further.

Rachel has witnessed a massive surge of interest in pottery and in particular, ‘throwing’ on the potters wheel since the BBC broadcasted ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’. To satisfy this new nationwide craving for clay, Rachel offers a ‘Pottery Throwing Experience‘ which has become more popular than she ever thought possible!

One-off Pottery Days are also available for groups, hen and stag parties.

Look at the Pottery Class pages for detailed information about all the pottery sessions available or contact Rachel 07966 433165 or info@rachelfooks.co.uk.



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