Main Photo: A selection of pottery waiting to be fired, decorated using coloured slip techniques.

Here are some testimonials from people who attend Rachel’s pottery classes and thoroughly enjoy themselves!

The pottery classes are a chance to loose the cares of the week in an atmosphere of work, fun and relaxation. Rachel is able to bring out in people unrealised artistic skills using a blend of teaching, guidance and encouragement. This enables each person to explore a range of pottery techniques. This is a life experience not to be missed!

Barry England l Retired Science Teacher

I started pottery classes having just moved to a new area and not knowing anyone… everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Rachel is a great teacher and classes can be as creative or as guided as you want. There is something very calming and therapeutic about working with clay… and there’s tea and biscuits!

Carly Swallow l Massage Therapist

Rachel creates a wonderfully relaxing and inclusive environment where I have been able to develop my confidence as a potter, as well as make new friends. I’ve loved every minute of it!

Wendy Mansell l Human Resources Manager

I have been impressed by Rachel’s teaching and mentoring. She has developed my ability as a potter. Each session is different and enjoyable. I would recommend her classes to you!

Phillip Dawson l Doctor

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Throwing a pot experience
    Thank you Rachel. What an amazing morning we had. I never thought I’d leave with one pot let alone two. The experience was inspiring and would thoroughly recommend. We will be back for more! Rachel really does put you at ease and I agree with other comments it is very therapeutic.


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